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Case of Zerach Brown

Case of Zerach Brown
(AKA: Scott Brown, Scott L. Brown)

Seattle, WA
Mountaindale, NY
(Crown Heights) Brooklyn, NY

Arrested in 1999 in Mountaindale, NY on charges relating to sexually improper conduct in respect to minors. Mr. Brown plead guilty at that time to a misdemeanor charge of providing alcohol to minors and was on probation thereafter.  A condition of his probation was that he seek counseling for pedophilic tendencies.

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Table of Contents:

  1. School of the Macabees  (12/04/2004)
  1. Information on Zerach Brown #2 - Va'ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle  (06/07/2005)
  2. Information on Zerach "Scott" Brown #1 - Va'ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle  (06/09/2005)

  1.  Zerach Brown is a child molester

School of the Macabees
Jacob Lunon, Master Instructor, Seattle, WA  (206) 722-4614
Macabee Martial Arts Academy - December 4, 2004
Torah, Kung-fu, Exercise and Achdus

by Zerach Brown

Ahavas Yisroel, the love of a fellow Jew, which is one of the foundations of the Torah, commands upon a Jew to go and to save the life of another Jew whom might be in danger. This Mitzvah is on an individual as well as a community as a whole. It is encompassed by the Mitzvah (Vayikro 19,18) of "You shall love your fellow as yourself". However there is also a specific Mitzvah (Vayikro 19.17): "You shall not stand aside while your fellow's blood is shed - I am Hashem".

In Shulchan Oruch (Hilchos Nezikei Haguf V'Nefesh, Halacha 7), it states: "A person who sees his friend drowning or robbers coming upon him, and has the capability of saving this friend, or hiring someone else to save him, must make the effort to save him, or to hire such person capable of doing so. (According to some, you must make the effort even if it puts your own life in danger, for if you won't help him he is sure to perish, where if you do help him, you have only the possibility of perishing with him). We understand this from the Posuk; (Vayikro 19,17), "You shall not stand aside while your fellow's blood is shed". There Rashi explains; "To see your friends death and you could save him". Also brought down by the Rambam (Nezikin, Rotzeach 1,14) concerning drowning, Pirush La'am adds; "This only applies to someone who knows how to swim". Is this concept true, that only a person who knows how, and is capable of saving him, must himself make the effort? If this is the case, should not one learn the required skills to save another? If you learn how to save a life, and if such a danger arose, you may merit the greatest Mitzvah; (Sanhedrin 37a), "A person who saves one life of Israel, it is as if he saves an entire world". At the same time you will have increased the odds a great deal by having been prepared in advance. A person who does not act in these circumstances, G-d forbid, forgoes on one positive commandment; (Devarim 25,12) "You shall cut off her hand" and also on two negative commandments (ibid.) "Your eyes shall not show pity" and (Vayikro 19,17) "You shall not stand aside while your fellow's blood is shed". If learning how to protect yourself aids in your ability to save others, how important should it be to learn these skills, if they could one day be needed to save your own life let alone that of another?

To be continued.............

Information on Zerach Brown #2
Va'ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle - June 9, 2005

Letter #2

June 9, 2005

Further communication from the Rabbis of the Va'ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle regarding the case of Zerach "Scott" Brown:

In the last day, since our announcement regarding Zerach "Scott" Brown was disseminated, we have received welcome input from a number of community members. Generally people have recognized that the Va'ad has tried to advise the community quickly of an issue we regard as very serious, and that the text of our communication was an attempt to balance clarity and discretion. In a few cases, however, there was some confusion about the import of our message. We apologize for any lack of clarity, and issue the following supplemental statement in order to communicate our very high level of concern. The first paragraph of our prior release was authorized by Zerach Brown; the following statement is not so authorized.

Rabbis of the Va'ad received unambiguous testimony from Zerach Brown that he has previously molested children. Zerach Brown denied having engaged in any such activity in Seattle. The undersigned Rabbis express no opinion as to Zerach Brown's truthfulness in connection with the second sentence of this paragraph. If anyone is concerned about his or her child having been alone with Zerach Brown, he or she may wish to seek appropriate professional guidance in this very serious matter.

Rabbi Simon Benzaquen, Rabbi Salamon Cohen-Scali, Rabbi Mordechai Farkash, Rabbi William Greenberg, Rabbi Moshe Kletenik, Rabbi Yechezkel Kornfeld, Rabbi Sholom Ber Levitin.


Information on Zerach "Scott" Brown #1
Va'ad HaRabanim of Greater Seattle - June 9, 2005
Letter #1

June 7, 2005

Va'ad Statement Regarding Case of Zerach "Scott" Brown

The Rabbis of the Va'ad of Greater Seattle regret to inform you that information has come before us to the effect that Mr. Zerach "Scott" Brown was arrested in 1999 in Mountaindale, NY on charges relating to sexually improper conduct in respect to minors. Mr. Brown pled guilty at that time to a misdemeanor charge of providing alcohol to minors and was on probation thereafter. A condition of the probation was that he seek counseling for pedophilic tendencies. Zerach Brown has confirmed the foregoing information.

In connection with the matter involving Zerach Brown, Jacob Lunon appeared before the Va'ad on June 6, 2005, and made a statement in writing, which Mr. Lunon agreed the Va'ad might make public as necessary to protect the community. The following excerpt, which substantiates in part the statement by Zerach Brown, is from Mr. Lunon's written statement:

"1) Prior to coming to Seattle in July of 2004, Mr. [Zerach] Brown confided with Mr. Lunon that during a period [prior thereto]... Mr. Brown went into the woods and [engaged in certain conduct not in accordance with Halacha, but not involving another person], where he was seen by a member of the local Jewish community who reported the incident to the rabbis of the community. 2) Also, prior to coming to Seattle, Mr. Brown related to Mr. Lunon that he had been previously arrested for and convicted of providing alcohol to a minor. Mr. Brown related that he was sent to therapy for this..."

Zerach Brown is a child molesterBy Ian
December 15, 2009

Zerach Brown (also known as Scott brown) is a child molester. Zerach Brown is a sexual predator who desires to exploit male children.
Zerach Brown has a history of exploiting and molesting children. Zerach Brown lived in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn, New York where Zerach Brown systematically molested many children. As Crown Heights is an insulted, ultra-orthodox, Jewish community; the members of the community did not report Zerach to the police upon learning that Zerach was a sexual predator; instead, they forced Zerach Brown to relocate out of the community. Thereafter, Zerach moved to the Jewish community of upstate New York and molested many children, until that community forced Zerach Brown to relocate. At some point, Zerach Brown moved to Jewish community of Seattle Washington. Upon learning that Zerach Brown was a child molester, the Rabbis conducted a thorough investigation and released a report confirmed that Zerach Brown was a child molester.

In fact, Zerach Brown molested me. I was about 14 year old. At that time, Zerach Brown would allow children use of his apartment to watch movies, hang out, and socialize. Zerach Brown gave many approximately children keys to his apartment so that they could use it when he was not present. On one evening, I was watching a movie alone when Zerach Brown came home. Zerach Brown made me pull down my pants and underpants and lay down on his bed. Zerach Brown also removed his pants and underpants and lied down on the bed in such a manner that I could not run out of the apartment without jumping over him. I felt trapped. Zerach Brown told me that he wanted to watch me masturbate and instructed me to masturbate in front of him. I was stunned, scared, and could not get an erection. Zerach Brown proceeded to touch and play with my genitals and penis to make me erect. This sexually excited Zerach Brown and caused him to have an erection. Zerach Brown proceeded to masturbate before me and forced me to watch him ejaculate. After Zerach Brown cleaned up his sperm from the bed sheets, he allowed me to don my cloths and leave his apartment.

Many other people related to me that Zerach Brown molested them. In fact, I learned that Zerach Brown molested children as young as 11 or 12 years old by masturbating in front of them and trying get the child to masturbate and ejaculate in front of him.

I write this story for two reasons. First, I hope that it will provide a forum for victims of Zerach Brown’s molestation to write their stories and heal from Zerach Brown’s abuse. Second, I hope that this will prevent Zerach Brown from molesting other children by informing the world of Zerach Brown ’s malevolent, vicious, and heinous actions against children.

This is a picture of Zerach Brown

Final note: if you are a parent, you are feeding your child to the wolfs if you let your child be alone with Zerach Brown.

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