Saturday, October 12, 2002

Guidelines and Rules to Protect Children from sexual predators - Ad Hoc Bais Din of Chicago

The following statement was made public as a result of the Ad Hoc Bais Din of Chicago deliberated on what to do with the allegations of a rabbi/teacher sexual abused children at Jewish Day School in the Chicago area.  Unfortunately, Chicago is like every other orthodox community. They attempt to do their own investigations when there are suspecions of abuse or neglect, instead of making hotline or police reports.

Please note in the following article the name of the alleged offender,  Rabbi Tzvi Wainhaus's  was never mentioned.

Guidelines and Rules Aimed at Protecting Our Children
Jewish Image Magazine (Page 46)
Fall 2000, Tishrei 5761

Rabbi Tzvi Wainhaus
Under NO Circumstances whatsoever may the perpetrator teach in any classroom situation or any private or tutorial situation with any students, nor may he enter any school building at any time under any circumstances. Included in school buildings are any kollel buildings (adult learning center) that are open during non-school hours, such as during the summer, all school holidays,as well as Sundays and after school hours. He may not go to any mikvah (ritual bath) anywhere in the world at any time, including erev Shabbos, Erev Yom Tov, erev Rosh Hashanah and erev Yom HaKipurim (the night before Yom Kippur begins).
He may not go to any J.C.C. (Jewish Community Center) or any swimming facility anywhere at any time. He many not sue the restroom in any synagogue, yeshiva, kollel, or any other Jewish facility at any time, even if this will force him to miss davening (praying) or krias HaTorah or learning. The only exception is during the times that it is permissible to be in a kollel as enumerated above. During those times, and those times only, it is permissible for him to use the restroom.  No children, even his own, are allowed in his house at any time while he is present until the ad hoc bais din is advised to the contrary by his therapist.

He may not attend any simchas (celebrations), including weddings, bar mitzvahs, bas mitzvahs, kiddushim, brissim, vorts (lectures), banquets, or any other simcha anywhere or any time until the ad hoc bais din is advised to the contrary by his therapist.  He must be engaged in regularly scheduled uninterrupted intensive therapy with a therapist with whom the bais din is advised to the contrary by his therapist.
The Bais Din (Jewish Court), after much deliberation, and taking into consideration his health problems, will allow him to daven in different area shuls on Shabbos, even though there are children present, with the understanding that every Rav (Rabbi) will be made aware of his name, and to make sure that there is surveillance whenever he leaves the sanctuary to use the restrooms or any other area of the building. Any Rabbi not wishing to take on this responsibility has the right to prohibit him from davening (praying) in their shul.

Rabbi Gedaliah Dov Schwartz
Rabbi Avraham Chaim Levin
Rabbi Shmuel Furest
Rabbi Zev Cohen

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