Saturday, June 01, 2002

Dealing with Holidays: Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

Dealing with Holidays: Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

Holidays are often difficult for adult survivors who were abused within their own homes, anything from birthday's to Jewish holidays can set off symptoms of PTSD and or depression.  The following articles may be helpful to read.

Table of Contents: 


  1. Nobody's Child:  Surviving without a family
  2. Trust and Teshuvah

  1. From The Heart

Father's Day
  1. To Survivors of Incest and other forms of Child Abuse:  Regarding Father's Day

High Holidays
  1. A Jewish Survivors Reflects on the Meaning of Forgiveness
  2. A Yizkor Prayer for those who were abused as children
  3. Child Abuse and the High Holidays
  4. Forgiving, Forgetting: Jews use the High Holidays
  5. Forgiveness and the Jewish High Holidays
  6. Forgiveness and the High Holidays
  7. Getting kicked out of shul
  8. Lisa's Story: How do we help sexual abuse victims survive?
  9. Regarding the month of Elul on the Jewish calender
  10. Surviving The High Holidays
  11. Tamar's Story
  12. Tashlich and Healing from Child Abuse
  13. What's Your Synagogues High Holiday Polices For Sex Offenders

  1. Surviving Hanukkah: Jewish Survivors of Childhood Abuse

Mother's Day

  1. Mother's Day

  1. Emotionally, Can I do Pesach This Year?
  2. Seder for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
  3. Surviving Passover: Jewish Survivors of Incest and other forms of child abuse

  1. Purim and the Impossible Dream



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