Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Israeli, int'l police crack down on child pornography

Israeli, int'l police crack down on child pornography
By The Associated Press - November, 28 2001

LONDON - Israeli police joined forces from 18 other nations today in an international crackdown on child pornography.
Police arrested seven people in a series of raids across Britain this morning as part of the international operation.
Police in 19 countries carried out 130 arrest and search warrants as part of the operation, code-named Landmark, the National Crime Service said. The operation targeted people who downloaded and distributed child pornography from the Internet.
British police made the raids after a 10-month operation in which they sifted through data from Internet newsgroups specializing in explicit images of children.
Nine forces in England and Scotland carried out 10 raids, arresting seven and seizing computers and software.
Police in 18 other countries - Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey and the United States - also executed search and arrest warrants, acting on information supplied by Interpol.

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