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Eating Disorders in Jewish Communities - Survivors of Sex Crimes

Eating Disorders in Jewish Communities - Survivors of Sex Crimes
(Jewish Survivors of incest, childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault)

"We have known for some time that sexual abuse can lead to eating disorders" -- British Eating Disorders Association.
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Table of Contents:   
  1. Research
    1. Eating disorders among Jewish female adolescents in Israel: a 5-year study  (06/1995)
    2. Young girls who are sexually abused are more likely to develop eating disorders as adolescents (2000)
    3. Both adolescent girls and boys, a history of sexual or physical abuse appears to increase the risk of disordered eating behaviors  (2000)
    4. Sexual Abuse and Eating Disorders: A Test of a Conceptual Model  (01/2005)
    5. Abuse 'triggers eating disorders'  (11/09/2005)
    6. Study shows complex link between abuse and eating disorders  (12/19/2005)

  2. Jewish Resources on Eating Disorders
  3. Secular Information

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