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Case of Yitzhak Zarif

Case of Yitzhak Zarif
Ra'anana, Israel

Accused of sexually assaulting a six-year-old girl. He was found not-fit to stand trail andwas committed to a mental hospital by the Tel Aviv District Court.  If you have more information about this case, please forward it to The Awareness Center.

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Table of Contents:  

  1. Girl, 6, raped in Ra'anana  (03/17/1993)
  2. Suspected child rapist cleared  (03/18/1993)
  3. Man held in rape of six-year-old  (03/22/1993)
  4. Accused rapist sent to mental asylum (04/13/1993)

Girl, 6, raped in Ra'anana
The Jerusalem Post - March 17, 1993

A six-year-old girl was raped in a public park in Ra'anana on Monday evening. She was treated for injuries at a hospital and sent home. News of the attack was held back until police arrested the suspected rapist, who is to be brought for a remand hearing this morning.
The girl told police that the man, about 30, had asked her to help look for his daughter in the park, then assaulted her and fled. She made her own way home and told her parents of the attack. The suspect was arrested on the basis of her description.


Suspected child rapist cleared
The Jerusalem Post - March 18, 1993

The man held as a suspect in Monday's rape of a six-year-old girl in Ra'anana will apparently be released this morning, as police said yesterday they are now convinced he is innocent.
The girl helped police compile a composite drawing of her attacker, but could not positively identify the suspect. His alibi also proved out.


The Jerusalem Post - Monday, March 22, 1993
THE man who raped a six-year-old girl in a Kfar Sava park last week has been arrested, police said yesterday.
A suspect had been picked up the day after the attack, but was released when his alibi held up.
Yesterday, a kindergarten teacher, out on a trip with her charges in the same park where the rape took place, noticed a man caressing the heads of young girls. The teacher, Sari Bachar, alerted police who arrived within minutes. The man resisted arrest, but after a struggle was taken in for questioning.
Police said the man, 26, from Ra'anana, confessed to the rape, providing investigators with details that only the rapist could have known.
The suspect is thought to be mentally disturbed, and was remanded for 10 days by Kfar Sava Magistrates Court, which sent him for psychiatric observation.


The Jerusalem Post - April 13, 1993
THE ACCUSED rapist of a six-year-old girl was committed to a mental hospital on Sunday by the Tel Aviv District Court.
Yitzhak Zarif, 26, of Ra'anana was examined by doctors at Shalvata Hospital and found incompetent to stand trial for the rape, which took place in a Ra'anana park on March 15.
He was charged with rape and causing grievous bodily harm, after being identified by another girl at the scene. Zarif was also charged with committing indecent acts on two 10-year-old girls in the same park about a week before he allegedly raped the six-year-old.
Judge Uri Goren acceded to the prosecution's request for a commitment order and suspended the proceedings against Zarif. The judge said he did not see any legal reason not to allow the publication of the accused's name.


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