Sunday, March 22, 1992

Case of the 55-year-old Father

Case of the 55-year-old Father

Tel Aviv, Israel
Arad, Israel

Charged with molesting a nine-year-old girl several times.

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  1. Court hears five molestation cases Teen: Uncle raped, brother beat me (03/22/1992)


Court hears five molestation cases Teen: Uncle raped, brother beat me
The Jerusalem Post - March 22, 1992

Five cases of child molestation were brought before judges in Beersheba and Tel Aviv on Friday, including one in which a teenage girl was raped by her uncle.

Beersheba judge ordered a 62-year-old man released on bond after police accused him of raping his niece, 16. Magistrates' Court Judge Yosef Eliaz also ordered the release on bond of the girl's brother, 25, who is suspected of severely beating her two years ago.

Eliaz said the men, members of a Beduin family, should remain in custody until Monday to allow police to consult with the state prosecutor on appealing the release.

The girl reported the incidents to a social worker who brought her on Tuesday to the Arad police. She said her uncle had raped her one night two years ago and had since beaten her for refusing to join him where he works as a watchman. She also said her brother would take her to his hut, cut her clothes off with a knife and beat her all over her body.

A police representative told Eliaz that the girl was afraid to report the incidents, because it could lead to her being killed by family members.

Her uncle denied the allegations, saying: "I ask her to bring things and do not hit her, because she is like a daughter." The brother said he had already been tried for beating her.

Eliaz set the bail for both at NIS 1,500 and bond for the uncle at NIS 30,000, for the brother at NIS 20,000. Police asked that the girl's relatives be held to allow investigators to conclude their probe.

In Beersheba District Court on Friday, a man, 21, was charged with raping a five-year-old girl whose mother had asked him to bring her home to a Beersheba absorption center from kindergarten on March 4. The man allegedly first brought the girl to his room in the center and raped her. The prosecutor asked that he be held until the end of his trial.

In Tel Aviv District Court, three men were charged Friday with sexually molesting children. One man, 55, was charged with molesting a nine-year-old girl several times during January and February.

A Herzliya man, 60, was charged with sexually abusing a neighborhood boy, 11, after inviting him to try his exercise bicycle in the basement.

A second Herzliya man, 46, was alleged to have molested a 10-year-old neighborhood girl several times from 1989 through 1991 in his car, covering the windows with sun shields to hide from passers-by or parking in an underground garage. He also allegedly took the girl to a public park, waiting until other children left to abuse her.

The prosecutors told the Tel Aviv court that minors who are sexually molested suffer severe emotional damage and warned that such attacks had become commonplace, because the victims have no way of defending themselves.


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