Wednesday, March 22, 1989

Case of Incest at Kibbutz Evron

Case of Incest at Kibbutz Evron
Nahariya, Israel

Allegations were made that a father molested his 12-year-old daughter.

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  1. Kibbutz Faces Alleged Incest  (03/22/1989)

Kibbutz Faces Alleged Incest
The Jerusalem Post - March 22, 1989, Wednesday

NAHARIYA - Galilee police have opened an inquiry into allegations that a kibbutznik had sexual relations with his 12-year-old daughter. Normally the kibbutz movement prefers to deal with social deviants within its own closed framework, utilizing the special services of its experts, but the revelation of incest in Kibbutz Evron has left its 300 members in shock.

Evron's members first sought psychological and judicial advice within the kibbutz movement, but finally decided to call in the police.

The secretary of Evron was reluctant to speak with journalists, and members of the kibbutz were also asked not to supply any information to the press.

The father concerned has been asked to leave the kibbutz for the time being and is staying in Tel Aviv. His daughter is being treated elsewhere.

Meanwhile, in Safad, a 12-year-old girl was attacked on Monday night by a man in hassidic garb who offered the girl and her five-year-old brother sweets, then followed them as they crossed a nearby cemetery. There, he tried to rape the girl, she alleged, but her little brother's shouts made the man run away. Police are not ruling out the possibility that the man's hassidic appearance was Purim disguise.


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