Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Death threat from Shloimy Mermelstein

As a policy I make it a habit to make all threats made against me public and make police reports. I just received the following message on Facebook. It appears that "Shloimy Mermelstein" is upset by the article published by the Examiner last week that I wrote about Shlomo Carlebach and also The Awareness Center's call for a ban on the Broadway play created to glorify this sexual predator. 

If you receive any sorts of threats for disclosing abuse, helping survivors or writing articles, it's best to make police reports. If the threats come via e-mail, facebook or any other internet connection then also make a report to the: Internet Crime Complaint Center

Vicki Polin


Hasidic Rebel

Vick if I would have the guts I would just gun you down for saying such nasty stuff about reb shlomo. Not everything you hear or read is true. So stick a dick in your mouth and shut the fuck up

Facebook picture of Shloimy Mermelstein (AKA: Hasidic Rebel)

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