Monday, August 27, 2012

Cyberbullying attempt from Stan Liberman

The Awareness Center's policy is to make all threats, harassment, attempts at cyber stalking and witness tampering of our board, advisory, board and volunteers public.  We also report these crimes to law enforcement officials.  The following message came as a result of the article recently written by Vicki Polin (our founder and CEO) after learning that a musical about Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach was now on Broadway. 

Vicki Polin stated that she does NOT give in to blackmail, extortion, bullying, harassment, or threats.  "If I did, what kind of example would I set for others?"

Link to article The Carlebach article: click here

For more information on the case of Shlomo Carlebach" click here
To view the death threat recently received: click here 

Message on Facebook:

Stan Liberman - Facebook Profile
Stan Liberman

Vicki Polin: Eaten any kids lately?

You have brought a blood libel onto the Jewish community, on a national television show, claiming canibalism as part of Jewish rituals. Shame on you. You have never even apologized.
Besides that, you, Vicki, have destroyed many lives of a wonderful people without a shred of evidence in any wrongdoing, and I know a case of at least one whom you have libeled. Jewish community should forever forget you and never have anything to do with you again.


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