Friday, December 18, 2009

The Survivor of Rabbi Leib Tropper Is A Hero!

I've watched many friends over the years go through the conversion process (both male and female). They are basically at the mercy of the converting rabbi. When the rabbi tells them to jump the only thing they can ask is "how high". I've also seen the same thing happen with Jews who are interested in learning and becoming more observant. They are naive to knowing what is normal for a rabbi to do.
It's not uncommon for an individual to have deep feelings for a person who is giving them very special attention. This is true for doctors, lawyers, therapists and even rabbis and cantors. The problem is that there is a small percentage of professionals who take advantage of the power and authority they have over those they are working with.
Though the woman in the tape recordings in the case of Rabbi Leib Tropper is an adult, when it comes to situations like this she is the victim.  I do not believe she deserves any blame.

Rabbi Tropper, is an orthodox rabbi who is married -- with children. He holds all the power over the woman in the conversion process. I personally believe we should all consider this woman a hero for stepping forward, having the tenacity of recording what was going on, and then sharing it with the rest of us.   I'm sure she was hoping that by gathering proof of what was happening to her, would help to stop the madness going on in her life -- and also to protect any future woman from being placed into a situation in which they are sexually exploited. Who ever this brave woman is, I wish her all the best and want her to know that The Awareness Center is here to help her in any way we can.

Thank you so much for exposing this man and anyone else who is involved with the sexual exploitation of yourself and any other women who has been abused.

If you or anyone else needs help, feel free to contact The Awareness Center at 443-857-5560 or by emailing me at:

The Awareness Center suggests that if you were sexually involved, manipulated, abused or victimized by Rabbi Leib Tropper (or any other rabbi) you consult with an attorney before talking with any rabbinical organization.  For a list of attorneys who have experience with clergy sexual abuse click here to insure that your civil rights are not violated.

Here's a link to an article by Ken Singer about how sexual predators "Groom" their victims into having sexual contact with them:  "Grooming" or Setting Up Your Victim"
RCA Issues Statement Regarding Recent Developments Surrounding The Eternal Jewish Family Organization
Dec 22, 2009 -- We are deeply appalled, saddened and pained by reports that have reached us concerning alleged inappropriate behavior on the part of the chairman of the rabbinic committee of the Eternal Jewish Family, Rabbi Leib Tropper. We need to wait for more complete information before we can react fully.
Nonetheless, at this time, we would make the following points clear:
1. What we have heard, if true, violates the fundamental elements of all that Judaism holds sacred.
2. We urge anyone who might have been victimized to seek appropriate counseling and we, at the Rabbinical Council of America, remain ready to refer anyone who needs such assistance to the appropriate professionals.
3. Anyone who may have any questions of Jewish Law regarding conversions should feel free to contact our Geirut administrator, Rabbi Michoel Zylberman, at 212-807-9000 ext. 3.
For further information please contact Rabbi Barry Freundel at 202-258-5172.

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Exposing Clergy Abuse said...

Hey everyone,

I wanted to see if I could get your quick help. I just started a petition a petition titled Shut Down Tropper's Eternal Jewish Fraud organization, and I'd love your support. You can sign the petition in less than 30 seconds by clicking the link below, by signing it you are also helping the victim of Tropper's crimes, she has exposed this faker and because of her whistleblowing her conversion was automatically cancelled, no doubt Tropper had something to do with it.