Friday, July 29, 2011

Rabbi David Zwiebel how about funding a legitimate rape crisis center!

Rabbi Dovid Zwiebel

In the following video of Rabbi Dovid Zwiebel boasting to his constituents about Agudath Israel of America and its many accomplishments, including the $18 million in grant money for yeshivas.  

Wouldn't it be great if Zwiebel would be able to put that $18 million into helping Jewish survivors who were abused by his friends and the others who feel that Agudath Israel of America is an important organization?  I'm not talking about a fly by night organization that goes to various rabbonim for permission to make hotline reports, or will falsely fear making a report will deter people from going to them.  I'm talking about a legitimate one that has ties with The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault and is a member of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center.

The Awareness Center is also calling for Zwiebel and everyone else connected to the aggudah to do teshuvah on this, by financially compensation every survivor of a sexually predator connected to his organization. If you don't dream it, and put it out there -- it will never happen.

Those who are orthodox deserve the same civil rights as the rest of us who live in the United States. How dare these folks take these rights away.

Youtube Video:  Zwiebel's ramblings about Agudath

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