Thursday, November 01, 2007

Rabbi Ephraim Bryks: "Unorthodox Conduct"

The Awareness Center, Inc. is providing the documentary "Unorthodox Conduct" in the memory of Daniel Levin.

Our hopes is that it will be used as a way to educate the public on the devistating ramifications a case can have on an individual, family and in Jewish communities around the world. It's important to know what happens when a case of "alleged" childhood sexual abuse in the Jewish community is not dealt with properly from the beginning (bringing the case to law enforcement who is trained and educated in dealing with these cases).

Our hopes is that after you view this documentary that you will go to your rabbis and other community leaders and demand that there be changes made when a child makes allegations they were sexually abused/assaulted. We cannot afford for there to be anymore cover-ups when there are allegations that a child has been molested. We cannot afford to let one more child die. Our hopes is that not one more child will feel so desperate that they will take their own lives, as Daniel Levin did.

Please note: The Investigative documentary: "Unorthodox Conduct"contains graphic information regarding the case against Rabbi Ephriam Bryks. It was produced in 1994 by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.


Anonymous said...

Watching Sarah Levin weep while painting broke my heart. I wept with her, not as a mother of a lost child, but as a survivor whose own mother traded my well-being for social status and financial safety in a similar Jewish community.

Sarah, whereever you are, I wish my mother (now deceased) had had your capacity to love enough to act, even to care at all. To me, you are a hero because of your obvious love for your child.

I always in my heart even in the midst of my history believed that there were women out there who did love their own children and put those children's well-being ahead of superficial benefits. Your story is another brick in the stubborn wall of hope I built that makes me a survivor rather than only a victim.

Thank you. May God bless you and yours. I will pray for your son.

Anonymous said...

We must remember we are here not to serve our fear, our shame, our pride, our ego. We are ONLY here to do G-d's will helping to create this world.

"We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented." ~ Elie Wiesel

Anonymous said...

I wish this sick jackass would get out of my community.

Anonymous said...

Bryks is scum!
I had terrible dealings with him!

Author said...

This is absolutely heartbreaking. and DEEPLY disturbing.

Looks like Winnipeg likes to sweep this kinda thing under the rug...

it's not just a Winnipeg, "Rabbi" or "Jewish" problem... its an ABUSE Problem in general.

Time to EXPOSE "abuse" of all sorts a little more... it's time to stop. ALL OF IT!

People are dying. Childrens lives in harms way- and we ... what do we do?

~ Survivors Band

Anonymous said...

I'm responding to Sara Levin's pain. I lost a 10 month old baby to a sudden illness, I can't lose another child. I know the pain too well. My older son was sexually molested by a Rabbi in his school but will not share or go for help. He is in pain just like Sara's son and acting out of control.

We can't to allow this to happen in our community -to own children.

Thank you Mr. and Sara Levin for sharing your pain as it will give me the strength to continue to fight for my own son and others like him who can't. I will have your son in mind. I hope that in the event others are helped from your story this will be a l'illuy nishmas for your son.