Saturday, July 18, 2009

CALL TO ACTION: Alleged Sex Offender Rabbi Jack Sparks is now working in a new synagogue

The Awareness Center was just informed that Rabbi Jack Sparks is now "the rabbi" of Temple Hativkah - Homestead Jewish Center in Homestead, Florida. The Awareness Center is asking everyone to call and write to the Board of Directors of the synagogue and ask them what safety plan they have in place to protect their children from this alleged sexual predator. Be sure to let them know that if another child is molested after being warned that they can be held responsible in a court of law.

Rabbi Jack Sparks was arrested on May 12, 2008 on charges of child endangerment of a fourteen-year-old boy. Sparks took the boy on a shopping trip to the Fairfield News and Tobacco store on New London Road in Newark and encouraged the boy to pick out a magazine in the "back room" where pornographic magazines are kept. The boy declined, picking out a gaming magazine instead.

Dr. Rabbi Jack L. Sparks, holds a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Boston University, as well as graduate and undergraduate degrees in curriculum and instruction, Jewish studies, counseling psychology and elementary education. He has been an educator in Jewish Private Schools for 25 years in Boston, MA; New York City, NY; Miami, FL; Austin, TX and Talleyville, Delaware.

Unfortunately it is not uncommon for an individual who molest children to work in the education field and also to move around from state to state. There is a fear that Rabbi Sparks could have left a trail of victims along the way.

If you or anyone you know was abused by Rabbi Jack L. Sparks please contact Newark Police Department or The Awareness Center.

Temple Hatikvah/Homestead Jewish Center
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President: Mitch Rabin

1st Vice President: Carol Silver

2nd Vice President: Sandy Liebowitz

Treasurer: Judy Creque

Recording Secretary: OPEN

Corresponding Secretary: Carole-Ann Santelli

Director of Education / Cantorial Soloist: Eilat Schmalbach

Immediate Past President: Justin Enfinger

Board of Directors

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David Feinberg

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