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Case of Yaron Blanc

Case of Yaron Blanc
Ariel, Israel

Arrested on charges of enticing minors into sexual contact with him and blackmailing them into continuing their activity with him by threatening to tell their parents. 

NOTE: There are several people who go by the name of Yaron Blanc.


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  1. Pedophile suspect tempted kids on Net (10/09/2003)


Pedophile suspect tempted kids on Net
By Baruch Kra and Yuval Dror
Ha'aretz - October 9, 2002

A 23-year-old Ariel man was under arrest last night suspected of enticing minors into sexual contact with him and blackmailing them into continuing their activity with him by threatening to tell their parents.

The man, Yaron Blanc, used the Internet to meet the minors and police have confiscated his home computer equipment to examine its contents in the search for more evidence against him and more information about his victims and potential victims.

It was not the first Internet-related pedophiliac arrest in Israel, but police here are still lagging behind the U.S. and European countries in their efforts to prevent it.

In the last two years, there has been increasingly vehement criticism of the police for not doing enough against online pedophilia. The police have admitted on several occasions that they do not have the resources to cope with the problem fully, though they do admit they believe there are several dozen Israeli pedophiles active on the Internet and preying on Israeli children, who are online in ever increasing numbers.

The police computer crime division is responsible for the cases they do come across - such as Blanc's, where the investigation began with an intelligence tip and was followed up with extensive monitoring of Blanc's online activity before he was arrested - and in the last year the police have made some arrests.

Two Tel Avivians and a Haifa man were arrested, with police finding computer servers used to run pedophiliac sites, as well as camera equipment used to photograph victims. A few weeks later, a 40-year-old Netanya man was arrested for disseminating pornographic photographs of minors on the Net. That was followed by the arrest of a 37-year-old Haifa man who ran three Web sites with particularly hard-core pornography.

According to Israeli law, pornographic crimes involving minors can earn sentences of up to seven years in prison. But the law does not specifically refer to Internet dissemination and without a legal precedent, it is difficult to know whether the current laws are sufficient to deal with crimes involving minors and the Net.


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