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Bibliography of Sources on Sexual and Domestic Violence in the Jewish Community

Bibliography of Sexual and Domestic Violence in the Jewish Community
By Marica Cohn Spiegel
Published: April 11, 2000, Revised January 12, 2004
Copyright © (2004) Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse

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Your input is appreciated. If you have information to add, please forward it to: MCSpiegel@aol.com.
  • Organizations working in the field which may be able to provide useful information:
  • The Center for Prevention Sexual/Domestic Violence (www.cpsdv.org) has changed its name to The FaithTrust Institute. Rabbi Cindy Enger is the director of the Jewish program
  • Jewish Women International
  • Israeli mental health
  • L.O. Combat Violence Against Women
  • The Awareness Center/The Jewish Coalition Against Sexual Abuse/Assault

Because of the increased reporting of incidents of abuse in the Jewish and general press, it is no longer possible to maintain a list of such articles. In addition to daily papers in major cities, the following periodicals can be useful in searches:
  • JTA's Jewish News (Daily)
  • JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
  • Jerusalem Post
  • Jerusalem Report
  • The Journal of Religion and Abuse, Haworth Pastoral Press includes articles about Jewish issues. See www.HaworthPress.com for complete index of articles.

Those articles marked with ** are the most comprehensive. Articles printed in bold are particularly useful resources.

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