Friday, April 30, 1999

Yellow Ribbon

The Awareness Center believes Jewish survivors of sexual violence should be given yellow ribbons to wear proudly.

Survivors of sexual violence (as adults and/or as a child) are just as deserving of a yellow ribbon as the men and women of our armed forces, who have been held captive as hostages or prisoners of war.  Survivors of sexual violence have been forced to learn how to survive, being held captive not by foreigners, but mostly by their own family members, teachers, camp counselors, coaches babysitters, rabbis, cantors or other trusted authority figures.  For these reasons ALL survivors of sexual violence should be seen as heroes!

The Awareness Center's first web page

1999 - The Awareness Center's first web page
The Awareness Center - April 30, 1999

Screen Shot of The Awareness Center - April 30, 1999


At this time The Awareness Center is purely a part-time volunteer based organization. 

Due to this human power crunch we have been forced to create a waiting list to help individuals who contact us for help. Please be patient with us. Your call and e-mails are important to us. 



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Tuesday, April 20, 1999

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Sunday, April 18, 1999



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Thursday, April 15, 1999

Case of Hazel Herdman and Charles Manning

Case of Hazel Herdman and Charles Manning
Vernon, NJ

This page is dedicated to the memory of Harriett Manning

Harriet Manning was shot to death in her home by Hazel Herdman, believing that if Harriet was dead, Charles Manning would be free to marry her.  Herdman later committed suicide.  Charles Manning was arrested when it was learned he attempted to cover up the crimes.  Manning's sister, Sadie E. Garrabrant was arrested on charges of being a material witness


Table of Contents:

  1. Accused Manning of Hiding Crime (04/15/1912)


Accused Manning of Hiding Crime
New York Times - April 15, 1912