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Eisemann Family Tree

Eisemann Family Tree

Please note there are two Rabbi Moshe Eisemann's.  One was affiliated with the Yeshiva of Vineland, NJ. The other is associated with Ner Israel Rabbinical College, Baltimore, MD.  They are both related and are first cousins.


The following is for informational purposes only. The Awareness Center is providing the following to help the average reader better understand the political arena the alleged survivors, witnesses and victim advocates have been subject to.

The majority of individuals around the world are unfamiliar with the Eisemann families and or the political influences that have surrounded his life.

As in most cases, it is a very difficult to deal with situations of sexual violence when a loved one is the alleged or convicted sex offender. Think about it—what would you do if you suspected that someone you are related to or are friends with is sexually inappropriate? Would you talk to him/her about it? Would you tell another family member or friend? Would you share it with your rabbi? Would your rabbi know what to do? Would you seek professional help or advice? Should you keep quiet to protect your family member or sound the whistle to protect another? How would your community react if they knew someone in your family allegedly sexually victimized another? Would your community's expected reaction influence any decision you'd make? These are just few of the numerous dilemmas and questions regularly posted to The Awareness Center.

Dealing with alleged and convicted sex offenders and their family members presents complex ethical issues. What can be harder than being the mother or the father of a sex offender?

Denial is clearly the first line of defense, because who in their right mind wants to believe that their offspring, someone they love and care for, could hurt a child? How can a parent even think of supposedly relinquishing their instinct to protect their child by reporting him or her to the authorities? It is a terrible dilemma. Could you as a parent turn your child over to the police? Could you force an adult child of yours into sex offender treatment? And what would friends and other family members think if they learned that you were the parent of a sexual predator? A similar between a rock and a hard place is the reality for people who are married to sex offenders.

What about the stigma and shame if anyone learned your secret, learned that you married, live with and or bed such a person? And what about the children of a sex offender—how would you feel if you were one? How would you face your friends, schoolmates, or co-workers once your parent's criminal behavior was made public? Would you still be allowed in your friends' homes? Would you still have friends? Would you and your siblings face shunning and stigma come marriage age?

These heartbreaking and complicated issues are real, and need to be addressed. We need to address them as a community. Every alleged and convicted sex offender has parents, family, friends and colleagues—people who are close to him/her and are faced with this reality, often unprepared, and in many ways, also victimized, hurt, confused, disillusioned, and ashamed.

Do you know of a family member or friend of an alleged or convicted sex offender? It is critical that you don't turn your backs on them. They need your support. Put yourself in their place. If you were one, what would you need?

The spouse of an alleged and/or convicted sex offender may need financial support while the offender is in prison and or treatment. If there are children in the home, the non-abusive spouse may have to keep them away from the offender to keep them safe. Can you imagine the feelings of anger, shame, guilt, and fear that the non-offending parent will need to deal with?

Every member of a family of alleged and/or convicted sex offenders will need the community's emotional, financial, and spiritual support. And what a difference such support can make in the healing process of non-offending family members; versus them being shunned for their "association" with a sexual predator and/or for helping to stop the abuse.

There is no doubt that we all have a moral obligation to help stop sexual violence so that offenders cease to victimize and the victims receive the healing they deserve. Whether we know the offender or not, hiding, denying and covering up his or her actions make us accomplices to the crime. At the same time, the pain of having a family member or friend who is an alleged or convicted sex offender has to be one of the hardest pains to bear. It is also our moral obligation, as a community, to offer a holding environment (not shunning and shame) for all families torn by abuse—those of the victims, and that of the offender.


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Table of Contents: 

Rabbi Moshe Eisemann of Yeshiva of Vineland (who at one time attended the Ponevezh Yeshiva, which was originally located in PanevėžysLithuania.)
  • Married to:
    • Sora Eisemann - Eisgrau
      • Rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau (husband of Sora Eisemann)
        • Rabbi Yaakov Eisgrau (brother of Eliezer Eisgrau - Rabbi at Ner Israel)
    • Esther Eisemann - Goldberger
    • Miriam Eisemann
  • Married to: Paula Eisemann
Rabbi Sheftel Neuberger is married to Judy Elenbogen (an Eisemann cousin)


History of Ner Israel Yeshvia - Baltimore, MD

  1. Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchok Ruderman, Ner Israel's founder and first rosh yeshiva of Ner Israel (Dean)
    • Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Kulefsky, dean of Ner Israel Rabbinical College - second rosh yehsiva of Ner Israel (Dean)
    • Rabbi Herman Neuberger (brother-in-law of Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchok Ruderman) - president of Ner Israel

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