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CALL TO ACTION: Elliot Pasik is still involved with the Jewish Board of Advocates for Children?

Elliot Pasik
The Awareness Center learned a few weeks ago that Elliot Pasik or Rabbi Dr. Chaim Wakslak were no longer involved with the JBAC (Jewish Board of Advocates for Children), yet according to the following article the rumors I heard are false.  

Elliot Pasik is an outspoken advocate for Ohel Family Services, which is an orthodox mental health agency that has allegedly been covering up sex crimes and protecting sexual predators for years.  

Rabbi Chaim Wakslak, PhD
Several years ago I had a conversation with Mr Pasik in which he stated he was involved in the "Father's Rights" movement.  At that time I had great concerns with Elliot Pasik's involvement in the Anti-Rape movement.  It was at that time I started hearing rumors of Mr. Pasik attacking the work of The Awareness Center and Vicki Polin's personhood.  

The "Father's Rights movement" is an offshoot of the "False Memory Syndrome Foundation" (FMSF), which was created back in the early 1990's by parents of children who accused them of child molestation.  According to the DSM-4 (Diagnositic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition) there is no such thing as FMSF.  For more information read the transcript from the ABC Newscast:  TURNING POINT: WHEN CHILDREN ACCUSE - WHO TO BELIEVE, that aired on November 14, 1996.

I think it's time that everyone contact the Jewish Board of Advocates for Children and let them know how you feel about Mr. Pasik representing the civil rights of Jewish children and or Dr. rabbi Wakslak knowingly violating the privacy rights of clients at Ohel. 

Please note that several of those who are currently on the board of this organization have a long history of covering up sex crime, including a few mandated reporters who break the law each time they suspect a child is at risk of harm and don't immediately report their suspicions to their local child protective services -- which is a violation of state and federal laws. Instead they report their suspicions to rabbonim who are NOT trained to collect forensic evidence, let alone conduct victim sensitive interviewing.

  • Moshe Fessel, Esq. - Executive Committee -

    Rifka Finkelstein - Executive Committee -

    Eli Greenwald - Executive Committee -

    Maury Kelman, Esq. - Executive Committee -

    Perry Schafler, LCSW-R, Vice President  -

    Judith Guedalia, PhD - Executive Committee -

    Dorron Katzin, CPA, MST  - Executive Committee -

    Maury Kelman, Esq - Executive Committee -

    Nachum Klafter, M.D.   - Executive Committee -

    Brachie Neugarten, MSW - Executive Committee -

    Jeffrey C. Singer, Ph.D.  - Executive Committee -

    Chaim Shapiro, M.Ed.  - Executive Committee -

    Vivian Skolnick, Ph.D.  - Executive Committee -

    Mark Weiss - Executive Committee -

    Rabbi Mark Dratch - Rabbinic Committee -

    Rabbi Allen Schwartz  - Rabbinic Committee -

    Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik - Rabbinic Committee -


New York - Orthodox Organization To NY Lawamkers: Our Yeshivas Need Child Protection Laws

Published on:   Yesterday 12:05 PM
News Source: VIN News Staff

New York - The Jewish Board of Advocates for Children, a nonprofit group which, for several years, has been calling for strong child protection laws that would govern yeshivas and all nonpublic schools, has sent a letter to leading New York state legislators urging them to address the grave problem of child abuse.

The letter, delivered Friday, July 22, 2011, calls attention to the heinous abduction and homicide of Leiby Kletzky, and states that it is “healthy and productive” for all New Yorkers, in the wake of this tragedy, to join together so that we can create the “safest environment possible for all children.”

JBAC President Elliot Pasik, an attorney, cites about one dozen child protection laws which protect public school children, but not children who attend religious and private schools.  He calls for the explicit extension of these laws to the nonpublic schools.

For example:
*  only public school children are required to receive instruction designed to prevent abduction;

*  only public school administrators are required to complete coursework in identifying and reporting child abuse or maltreatment;

*  only public schools are required to establish and implement written policies necessary to safeguard the life and health of children, and to prevent abuse;

*  only public school employees are required to report public school-based child abuse to government child protection authorities;

*  only public schools are required to fingerprint and obtain criminal histories of their employees.  The letter was sent to Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, and the chairs of the Education Committee and the Committee on Children in both legislative houses.  In May 2007, the Rabbinical Council of America, working with JBAC, enacted a Resolution endorsing the extension of all public school child protection laws to the nonpublic schools.  The RCA is an organization of about 1,000 orthodox rabbis.

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