Friday, December 12, 2008

Dark Secrets - Powerful Rabbis Try To Influence Cases

Dark Secrets - Powerful Rabbis Try to influence Law Enforcement

This following is very powerful video which should be shared with everyone you know. Over the last eight years The Awareness Center has been saying very similar things that is being said in this news report that aired on New York's PIX-TV News (

The problems in Brooklyn, NY are very similar to every other charedi community in the United States (Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Lakewood, Monsey, etc.), Canada, Australia, South Africa, Israel and beyond. The names of the powerful rabbis who protect alleged and convicted sex offenders may change, but the stories are practically identical.


Anonymous said...

Hikind is full of BS. He's more interested in protecting his friends then he is in helping survivors. If cases were handled correctly the survivors would be getting help. He's into the cover-ups. He's a criminal

Anonymous said...

Hikind, Haynes and all the rabbis two pay them off to cover up sex crimes should go to prison.

Anonymous said...

I think there needs to be an FBI investigation on Dov Hikind, David Mandel (CEO of Ohel), Charles Haynes and the corruption when it comes to sexual abuse in Williamsburg and Borough Park.