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Jewish Female Survivors of Sex Crimes

Women's Issues: Jewish Survivors of Sex Crimes



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Table of Contents: 
Resources From a Jewish Perspective

  1. Articles (see below)
  2. Attorneys Experienced Working with Survivors of Sexual Violence
  3. Childhood Sexual Abuse
  4. Childhood Sexual Abuse and Pregnancy
  5. Domestic Violence
  6. Female Survivors Marrying A Kohain
  7. Female Sex Offenders 
  8. Incest, Pregnancy, Abortion and Halacha (Jewish Law)
  9. History of the Anti Rape Movement: People You Should Know
  10. History of The Awareness Center - Our first online support groups and The Anti-Rape Daily Newsletter
  11. History of Child Abuse and Neglect Laws
  12. History of Sex Offender Registries in the United States
  13. Jewish Survivors of Sexual Violence and Pregnancy Issues
  14. Magazines (see below) 
  15. Mandated Reporting and Halacha (Jewish Law)
  16. Mikva Resources (see below) 
  17. Parenting resources (see below) 
  18. Quotes From Women (see below) 
  19. Resources from a Feminist Perspective (see below) 
  20. Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Testifying at Legislative Hearings

  1. Can you say SEXISM? When girls are excluded
  2. It's about taking a stand 
  3. Halachically sanctioned degradation of women makes me scream 
  4. Jewish Women Lead the Feminist Movement back in the early 1970s


Resources from a Feminist Perspective
  1. Jewish Feminist Resources - Jewish Feminist Resources gives folks the opportunity to share their "Torah" with each other. We encourage submissions from everyone.
  2. Bat Kol: Study from the Inside Out  A unique educational organization that responds to concerns within the Jewish community and beyond with creative and challenging forums for learning.

Mikvah Resources
  1. Information about the Mikvah - Site includes information on:  How to use the Mikvah, Laws of the Ritual Bath Itself, Using a Running Spring, Time for Immersion, Immersion Procedure, General Rules of Separations on the Skin which invalidate immersion, Post-Immersion, Immersion by a Menstruating Woman, For one who has had a Genital Discharge.
  2. World Wide List of Mikvah's - Database of Mikvah's all over the world.
  3. A Ritual for Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse
  4. A Ritual of Healing from Sexual Violence
  5. No Ordinary Bath: The Use of the Mikvah in Healing From Incest
  6. Healing from Abuse - Mikvah Ceremony for Laura
  7. Abortion Ritual


Mikvah Articles on Healing
  1. Jewish tradition takes on new meaning


  1. Bridges: A Journal for Jewish Feminists and our Friends - Bridges illuminates a variety of landscapes: for activists, Jews, feminists, lesbians, it is both bread and roses. In these pages, contemporary Jewish feminist culture and politics come alive in all their tumultuous diversity.  Every issue features essays, fiction, poetry, art and reviews on the cutting edge of feminist Judaism, including translations of literature side-by-side with the Ladino, Spanish and Yiddish originals.
  2. BRIDGES Submissions Guidelines - Bridges is a showcase for the creative work of Jewish feminists. The editors also welcome work by men and non-Jewish women of particular interest to Jewish feminism. We work with each other and with contributors to publish material that recognizes and values difference. We particularly welcome material by Sephardic and Mizrachi Jews, by people of color, by the old and the young, by lesbians, by those with disabilities, and by working-class and poor Jews. We work with contributors who consider themselves more activist than writer to publish new material on what Jewish feminists are doing.
  3. Lilith Magazine - LILITH, the nation's independent nonprofit Jewish women's quarterly, is named for the legendary predecessor of Eve who insisted on equality with Adam. For 20 years, LILITH magazine has been a unique voice speaking out on the interrelationships of Jewish identity and feminism. The magazine brings news of creative lifecycle rituals and holiday celebrations, restores women to Jewish texts and history, showcases Jewish women writers, educators and artists, and illuminates Jewish women's lives in all their religious, ethnic, sexual and social-class diversity. LILITH is a national magazine, a catalyst for action and the resource center for Jewish feminists. LILITH helps individual Jewish women, campus groups and community organizations work for inclusive social and ritual change.  Each quarterly issue of LILITH provides lively reporting, analysis, resource listings, interviews, historical essays, reviews, memoirs, fiction, poetry, and art. 


Parenting Resources
  1. Parenting issues: Survivors who are parents and parenting children who were sexually abused
  2. National Jewish Girl Scout Committee - Non-profit organization which works in cooperation with Girl Scouts of the USA. Its functions are:  * to promote the Jewish Girl Scout award programs and religious services in Girl Scout Councils .  * to assist Girl Scout Councils in extending Girl Scouting in the Jewish Community .  * to encourage cultural exchanges with the Israel Boy and Girl Scouts Federation.

Women You Should Know


Great Quotes by Great Women



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