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Case of Eric Hindin

Case of Eric Hindin
(AKA: Eric Michael Hindin)

Volunteer Jewish Big Brother -Brookline, MA
Newton, MA
West Newton, MA
Allston, MA
Belmont, MA

Eric Hindin, of Newton,  MA, plead guilty to 35 counts of child rape, along with numerous charges of indecent assault. He was sentenced to 20-22 years in prison for raping two boys he was paired with in the Jewish Big Brother mentoring program.

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Table of Contents:
  1. Jewish Big Brother volunteer charged with rape, sexually assaulting children  (04/12/2001)
  2. Jewish Big Brother Arrested For Sexual Assault and Battery  (04/26/2001)
  3. Man Faces Charges of Assaulting Minors  (05/23/2001)  
  4. Man Arraigned on Sex Charges  (07/11/2001)
  5. More Charges Filed in Sexual Abuse Case  (09/18/2001)  
  6. Former mentor gets 20-22 years for child sexual assault  (01/29/2003)

Jewish Big Brother volunteer charged with rape, sexually assaulting children
By Associated Press - April 12, 2001

NEWTON, –– When he was found asleep in his car in a hotel parking lot early, prosecutors said, Eric Hindin had a note to his parents in his possession. In the note, they said, the 37-year-old Jewish Big Brothers volunteer admitted his ''pedophilia ... and strong attraction to young boys.'' ''In his note, he said by the time you read this, I will be a fugitive or will have committed suicide,'' assistant Middlesex district attorney Shawn Gordon said at Hindin's arraignment Wednesday. But instead of life on the run, or death at his own hand, Hindin, of Newton, was being held without bail in a Cambridge jail, charged with rape and indecent assault against children in Newton and Brookline. In Newton District Court in Middlesex County, Hindin pleaded innocent Wednesday to two charges of indecent assault and battery on a child under the age of 14.

A judge ordered Hindin held without bail, pending a dangerousness hearing scheduled for April 17. David Traub, a spokesman for Norfolk District Attorney William Keating, said Hindin faces two charges of rape of a child, two charges of indecent assault and battery and two charges of statutory rape in that jurisdiction. ''These charges involve multiple victims,'' Traub said, adding those alleged incidents took place in Brookline. Hindin will be arraigned on those charges in Brookline District Court, but as of Wednesday night a date had not been set, Traub said. Brookline police first learned of the allegations Monday, and obtained the videotapes at his home Tuesday, Gordon said. ''These tapes showed the defendant engaged in various sexual activities with identified individuals. At least two of the individuals were young boys,'' Gordon said. In a prepared statement, the Jewish Big Brother Association of Newton said, ''We're horrified and saddened by these accusations, and by the possibility that harm could have come to any child we've served.'' The organization makes extensive background checks of potential volunteers, and did so with Hindin, but came across nothing that would bar him from volunteering. He had been a volunteer since 1987. Officials in both counties were still investigating.

Jewish Big Brother Arrested For Sexual Assault and Battery
By Susan Reingold
The Jewish Advocate - April 26, 2001

BOSTON -- A 37-year-old Newton man was arrested last week and charged with seven criminal counts of sexual assault with multiple victims, including an eight-year-old he was matched with through the Jewish Big Brother & Big Sister Association of Greater Boston.

The charges include two counts of indecent assault and battery and two counts of statutory rape.
The alleged perpetrator, Eric Hindin, pleaded not guilty at his arraignment and is being held without bail pending a hearing on May 1.


Man Faces Charges of Assaulting Minors  
News Bank - May 23, 2001

A 37-year-old Newton man was indicted by a Middlesex grand jury yesterday on charges of sexual assaulting two male minors, one of whom he was matched with by a Jewish Big Brother organization. Eric Hindin was charged with several counts of sexual misconduct, including forcible rape of a child. He previously was charged in District Court, and pleaded not guilty to the offenses in April, when he was ordered held without bail. Hinden will appear for arraignment on the felony charges May 30


Man Arraigned on Sex Charges
News Bank - July 11, 2001

A 37-year-old Newton man was arraigned yesterday in Norfolk Superior Court on 67 counts of sex crimes involving two minor males, one of whom he was matched through Jewish Big Brothers. Eric Hindin pleaded not guilty to the charges, which stemmed from actions that allegedly took place in two counties, according to Norfolk District Attorney spokesman David Traub.

More Charges Filed in Sexual Abuse Case  
Newbank - September 18, 2001

A Middlesex County grand jury yesterday handed down new charges against a Newton man accused of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old boy and a 13-year-old boy at his home. Eric Hindin, a former volunteer with a Jewish Big Brother organization, was charged in May with posing a child in a state of nudity, indecent assault and battery, and posession of child pornography. He also is alleged to have videotaped each boy in a state of sexual conduct and to have exposed himself to both.


Former mentor gets 20-22 years for child sexual assault

The Associated Press (WBZ Radio News 103) - Wednesday January 29, 2003

BOSTON (AP) A former Jewish Big Brothers volunteer was sentenced Wednesday to 20 to 22 years in prison for raping two boys he was paired with in the mentoring program.

Eric Hindin, 39, of Newton, pleaded guilty last month to 35 counts of child rape, along with numerous charges of indecent assault.

He was arrested in April 2001 and charged with raping the two boys, 9 and 13, who were paired with him as their big brother. He also admitted videotaping the boys in a state of sexual conduct, and exposed himself to both boys.

Hindin also pleaded guilty to charges tied to the indecent assault and battery of a 21-year-old man.
Prosecutors had asked Superior Court Judge Paul Chernoff for a sentence of 40 to 60 years, followed by a life sentence. Instead, the judge imposed lifetime parole supervision after his release.
``Although we had asked for a longer term, we are pleased that no child will be within Mr. Hindin's reach for decades,'' Norfolk District Attorney William Keating said.



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